Adult & Dislocated Worker Services


Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services, through our network of America’s Job Center of California and partners, prepares residents of Los Angeles County to succeed in the labor market.  This is done through a combination of education, training, career counseling, and support services provided through our WIOA Adult Job Seeker Programs.  Our department has two distinct programs for adult job seekers – the Adult Program serves all adult job seekers and our Dislocated Worker Program serves job seekers that were connected to the workforce but have recently lost a job or may lose a job in the near future


The WIOA Adult Program provides Career and Employment services, including Training services, to individuals 18 years of age and older.  Priority of service is given to Veterans, public assistance recipients, low income populations and those in need of increasing basic skills, however all eligible adults can receive program services and are encouraged to apply.

The WIOA Dislocated Worker Program offers the same array of Basic and Individualized Career and Employment and Training services that the Adult Program offers, but the services are tailored specifically to individuals who have been terminated or laid off, or have received notice of termination or layoff, from employment generally due to plant closures or downsizing; or who fall into one of the other Dislocated Worker categories described below.


Basic Career Services are available to all individuals and do not require WIOA registration or enrollment.

  • Eligibility determination;
  • Outreach, intake and orientation to the AJCC system;
    Initial Assessment;
  • Job search and placement assistance;
  • Referrals to and coordination of activities with other programs and services;
  • Workforce and labor market employment statistic information;
  • Training, education, and rehabilitation provider performance and program cost information;
  • Local Area Performance information;
  • Information on and referral to supportive services;
  • Financial aid eligibility assistance;
  • Information on unemployment compensation.

Adult job seekers are eligible for Basic Career Services.  Individualized Career and Employment Services and Training Services (Fact Sheets») may be provided to individuals that have been determined to be in need of higher level of services in order to obtain employment, or obtain and retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency.

Our professional job center staff will provide more detailed information regarding program eligibility and program services.  If you are looking for employment, training, or want more information about this program, please click here or if you would like to directly contact one of our job centers, click here to find a job center near you.