Immediate Downsizing Assistance For Your Business

Facing LayOffs?

The Los Angeles area Rapid Response team is here.  We provide customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services for businesses in transition.

Reassure With Rapid Response

We can assist you in reducing the impact among workers facing layoffs and the stress among your remaining workers—maintaining their morale, increasing productivity, and accelerating workplace stability.

Redirect Toward Stability

Keeping your competitive edge and maintaining productivity is critical.  The Rapid Response team can explain relevant state and federal regulations and can work with you to prevent future layoffs or lessen their impacts. Rapid Response also offers access to unemployment insurance for your employees.

Promote Your Commitment To Your Community

Layoffs and business closures can be hard on a community.  The Rapid Response team will help you demonstrate your dedication to the growth and prosperity of your community by positioning your workers for successful futures.
Impacted workers will be provided with information on how to connect with the system of America’s Job Centers to gain access to employment and training opportunities.

Add Power To Your Performance

The Rapid Response team unites your management team, union leaders, and America’s Job Center representatives to ease the pain that downsizing and closures have on your business and employees.
This leaves you with more time and energy to devote to your business.

We Provide A Fast Solution

Dedicated experts from across the county mobilize immediately on your behalf, helping you navigate government regulations, take advantage of workforce resources, and manage employee expectations.

Meet Our Experts

The Los Angeles Area Rapid Response team includes:
  • Lay-off and Workforce Development specialist
  • America’s Job Center representatives
  • Labor unions (when applicable)
  • Employment Development Department (EDD)


The Los Angeles area Rapid Response Program has resources available for both you and your employees:

Resources For Your Business

  • Labor market information
  • Unemployment insurance help
  • Trade or Transitional Adjustment program access
  • Outplacement services
  • Skills training

Resources For Your Employees

Skilled professionals will conduct a series of workshops to help your workers quickly obtain new employment.  Workshop topics may include:
  • Career Transition:  Adjusting to employment, assessing skills and abilities, and accessing America’s Job Center services.
  • Job Search:  How to begin, where to look, and where to find job placement assistance.
  • Resume Writing:  Basic resume formats, relevant information, and effective presentation techniques.
  • Interviewing Skills:  Interview preparation, guidelines for a successful interview, and interviewing do’s and don’ts.