Transformative Career Institute Participant Application

The Transformative Career Institute (TCI), is a transformative residential career facility in the beautiful Calabasas mountains at the fully renovated former Camp Gonzales site. The TCI experience offers System Impacted Youth (young men ages 18-25) an immersive and unique career training and job placement opportunity. System Impacted Youth are those who have a direct connection to the justice system or an indirect connection by way of a family member or close relation.

At TCI, the program provides System Impacted Youth the opportunity to gain valuable training and employment skills in one of the following high growth sectors- Construction, Culinary, or Digital Media. TCI offers paid work experience, job training, a built-in support network, mentors, and job placement.

TCI ’s supplemental personal enrichment training will enhance each participant’s experience, allowing them to develop career awareness, understanding of personal money management, and work-related social skills.