Youth Services


The goal of the Workforce Development Board is to provide youth ages 14 through 24 with the tools necessary to make sound decisions regarding their future and career choices.

Our Youth Program provides year-round services incorporating the following Ten Core Elements that are essential in a youth’s development.

    • Employment opportunities
    • Tutoring and study skills
    • Alternate secondary school services
    • Paid and unpaid experience
    • Occupational skills training
  • Support Services
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Leadership development
  • Adult mentoring
  • 12 month post-program follow-up

Youth@Work builds on the Earn and Learn model by pairing paid work experience with a comprehensive and strategic set of employment, training and support services provided through a network of America’s Job Centers of California (AJCCs). Youth@Work services are targeted to priority youth populations with the highest need, including: school dropouts, foster, probation, homeless, Transitional Age Youth (TAY), and CalWORKs youth. The goal of Youth@Work is to provide youth with a menu of multilevel services that offer access to work experience, work readiness, personal enrichment training, academic and career counseling, and advanced career services. The services may be rendered in a progressive or combined manner as appropriate to meet participant needs.

Apply for Year-Round and Summer Employment to Earn and Learn!

Current Foster Youth 14-21

Are you a Current Foster Youth between 14-21 years old and looking for a Summer Job?

CalWORKs Youth 16-18

Are you a CalWORKs Youth between the ages of 16-18 and looking for a Paid Work Experience?

Summer Job Youth 14-24

Are you between 14-24 years old and looking for a Summer Job?

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